• DeniseEscobarHi, my name is Denise Escobar. I am a full-stack web developer based in Chicago. I recently graduated from Lambda School and am excited to turn a passion into a career. Currently I teach children to code utilizing a range of languages from Scratch Jr. to Javascript and Python. Outside of work you can find me busy with personal coding projects or just riding my bike.

    Projects: Kookr

  • DeniseEscobarKookr is a calender based recipe webapp that allows users to plan, store, and organize recipes from their favorite recipe websites. Users can also export a shopping list based on their calender.

    DeniseEscobarapp was built with a 4 person team using React/Redux for the the front-end and a Sqlite3 database. My work was split between creating front-end react components and also backend routes. I also learned to implement Stripe API to accept payments for a paid subscription to the app.

    Projects: Treasure Hunt

  • DeniseEscobarTreasure Hunt is a adventure game in which a user must traverse a map and find treasure, eventually acquiring enough to purchase upgrades and the final goal of the game itself. The map was held on a server users could interact with but not change.

    DeniseEscobarThis app was built with a 3 person team using React/Redux for the the front-end. My main contribution to the project was writing functions that made calls to the server and allowed the user to traverse the path and also interact by collecting and selling treasure.

    Projects: Cat Notes

  • DeniseEscobarCat Notes was one of the first webapps I build from front-end to back-end. Its was intended as a basic note keeping app built for practice versus production.It uses a React front-end and a Sqlite3 back-end. It was styled using CSS and Flexbox.

    DeniseEscobarI plan to eventually return to Cat Notes and add some much needed upgrades. I would like to implement a form of authentication to allow multiple users and also redo some of the styling.

    Denise Escobar

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